Preschool Applications

Teaching mindfulness to preschool-aged children takes a bit more creativity and patience. Mr. David Siegel, one of my graduate students, has extensive experience in this area and I had a chance to interview him about how he works magic with the little ones.
Teaching Mindfulness to Younger Children
David offers a few tips for practicing mindfulness with children: teaching though modeling, using intentional language, emphasizing sensory experience over concepts, and having fun.
Tips for Working with Preschoolers
David explains the rationale behind using movement in practicing mindfulness with young children.
Managing Group Energy Levels
David talks about the importance of responding to the fluctuating energy levels of your children without reacting to them.
Carden Conejo
David talks about his experience working with the children at Carden Conejo.
Carden Conejo: Part 2
Dr. Gehart talks about her experience working with the children at Carden Conejo.
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